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Photomath Mod Apk is a cutting-edge smartphone application that has changed the face of maths education. Photomath can instantaneously grasp and solve maths problems in real time due to its powerful computer vision technologies.

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The programme provides a step-by-step solution method and explanations and graphs when needed. Photomath also includes an intelligent calculator, support for more than 30 languages, and the ability to graph equations.

These features make it a helpful resource for students all around the world. Whether you are suffering with algebra, geometry, calculus, or any other aspect of mathematics, Photomath is ready to help you improve your skill and boost your confidence. This post will look at the unique features and benefits of the Photomath app, explaining why it has become a leading platform for maths learning.


Instantaneous problem-solving: One of the most striking features of Photomath Mod Apk is its capability to resolve math problems in real-time promptly. This makes it an ideal aid for students requiring prompt homework or test preparation assistance.
Incremental solutions: Photomath breaks down math problems into individual steps and provides lucid explanations and visual aids to help students comprehend every step of the solution process.
Graphical functionality: Photomath can graph equations and generate visual representations of functions, facilitating an enhanced ability for students to visualize and understand mathematical concepts.

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Advanced calculator: Besides its problem-solving capacities, Photomath also operates as an intelligent calculator, enabling students to perform calculations quickly.
Multilingual support: Photomath is available in over 30 languages, rendering it accessible to students all around the globe.
Scan and resolve: Photomath uses sophisticated computer vision technology to scan and recognize math problems, allowing students to point their smartphone camera at a problem and obtain an immediate solution.
Supplementary resources: Photomath furnishes extra resources such as video tutorials and practice problems to help students further their understanding of mathematical concepts.

How to Use

  • Install the software from the Apple Software Store (for iOS devices or for Android devices).
  • Grant any required permissions, such as camera and microphone access.
  • Using your smartphone’s camera, scan a maths problem.
  • Wait for the software to solve the problem and give a step-by-step solution method and visual help if needed.
  • Investigate more features like graphing, an intelligent calculator, video lessons, and practice puzzles.
  • Save the solution or share it with others via social media or messaging applications.
  • Use the app to study and learn quickly, referring to step-by-step answers and visual aids to better understand mathematical subjects.

Step-By-Step Math Solution

  • Run the Photomath Mod Apk app on your smartphone.
  • Point the camera on your smartphone at the maths problem you wish to answer. An issue from a textbook, worksheet, or handwritten problem can be scanned.
  • Wait for the app to identify and analyze the issue. Photomath’s powerful computer vision technology can recognize and interpret numerous sorts of math problems fast and correctly.
  • Once the programme has identified the issue, it will walk you through the solution procedure step by step. The software lays down each solution stage and clearly explains the underlying concepts and principles.
  • Follow the app’s step-by-step solution procedure. To strengthen your grasp of the mathematical principles involved, use the app’s visual aids, such as graphs and diagrams.
  • If you get stuck on a specific step, you may utilize the app’s “Hint” function to obtain further help.
  • The app will offer you the final answer once you have completed the solution procedure. Recheck your work to confirm that your solution is correct.
  • You may save or share the solution using the built-in functionality of the programme.

Word Puzzle Explanations

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  • First, use your smartphone’s camera to photograph the word issue. The programme recognizes and interprets the text in the photograph using its powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.
  • The app then analyses the problem and discovers the key variables and processes. It then produces a problem-solving method step by step.
  • When you’ve finished the solution procedure, the app will give you the final answers to the word problem. Recheck your work to confirm that your solution is correct.
  • Finally, using the app’s built-in tools, you may save or share the solution with your friends or classmates. This might be an excellent method to cooperate on schoolwork or study for examinations.

Build-In Calculator With Multiple Function

The Photomath Mod Apk app’s calculator can do simple arithmetic, sophisticated scientific functions, graphing, unit conversion, and intelligent calculations. It’s a sophisticated tool that can handle various mathematical jobs, making the software a must-have for anybody who works with numbers.

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A Mathematical Calculator With a Variety of Features

The Photomath Mod Apk software offers a robust scientific calculator with various functions and a math problem-solving programmer. This calculator’s complex mathematical operations, trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions, and statistical computations are all supported.

Users may plot and visualize complicated equations and functions using the calculator’s graphing features. Furthermore, the unit conversion tool allows users to convert between different units of measurement easily.

Users may save and remember past calculations using the memory feature, making it easier to work with complex computations requiring numerous stages. Furthermore, the app’s built-in smart calculator recognizes and understands mathematical expressions and equations, providing precise answers to complicated issues.

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What is Photomath Mod Apk?

Photomath is a mobile app that helps users solve math problems by simply taking a photo of the problem and providing step-by-step solutions. It also includes a built-in scientific calculator and graphing features.

Is Photomath free?

The basic version of Photomath is free to download and use. However, a premium version is available for purchase with additional features and benefits.

Is Photomath available on all mobile platforms?

Photomath is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms.

Can I use Photomath offline?

The app can be offline once downloaded and installed on your smartphone.

How accurately does Photomath provide the solutions?

The solutions provided by Photomath are highly accurate and are based on advanced mathematical algorithms. However, it’s always an idea to double-check solutions for accuracy and understanding.

Final Verdict

The Photomath Mod apk app is a game-changer in the field of math problem-solving. Its ability to provide step-by-step solutions to a wide range of mathematical problems and its built-in scientific calculator and graphing features make it a must-have tool for students, teachers, and anyone looking to improve their math skills.

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