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Introduce to VMOS Pro

“VMOS Pro Mod Apk offers Android users a unique and innovative solution for running multiple Android operating systems on a single device. With its virtual machine technology, we can create a sandbox environment to install and run apps without affecting the main operating system.

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Whether you’re a power user looking to run multiple instances of your favourite apps, or a developer seeking a flexible and convenient testing environment, VMOS Pro has you covered. In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of VMOS Pro and how it can enhance your Android experience.”


  • Android Virtual Machine: VMOS Pro allows users to create a virtual machine within their Android device, which can be used to install and run another instance of the Android operating system.
  • Dual Apps: With VMOS Pro, users can run many instances of the same app on their device, allowing them to use two separate accounts or profiles for an app simultaneously.
  • Root Access: VMOS Pro provides access to the virtual machine, allowing users to customize and modify the operating system as desired.
  • Floating Window: The app includes a floating window feature, which allows users to run apps from the virtual machine in a resizable window on their main Android screen.
  • File Sharing: Moving files and data between the virtual machine and the primary Android system is simple.
  • Customizable Settings: Users can customize various settings within the virtual machine, including screen resolution, DPI, and CPU and RAM allocation.
  • Privacy Protection: VMOS Pro includes various privacy protection features, such as creating a private space within the virtual machine for sensitive data and disabling network access for apps within the virtual machine.
  • One-Click Switch: The app includes a one-click switch feature, which allows users to quickly switch between the primary Android system and the virtual machine environment.
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About Mod Features

  • . Unlocked Everything: in the mod version, we get all features unlocked and gain our user experience.
  • App Cloning: VMOS Pro Mod Apk allows users to clone and run apps not supported by their device or require certain hardware features that their device doesn’t have.
  • Game Support: The app includes a game helper feature, which optimizes the virtual machine environment for gaming and improves game performance.
  • System Backup and Restore: VMOS Pro includes a built-in backup and restore feature, allowing users to quickly save and restore their virtual machine environment and apps.
  • App Management: The app includes a built-in app manager, which allows users to manage and uninstall apps within the virtual machine environment.
  • Multi-Language Support: VMOS Pro supports multiple languages, making it accessible and user-friendly for users worldwide.
  • Compatibility: The app is compatible with a wide range of Android devices and versions, ensuring that most users can use the app.
  • Offline Mode: VMOS Pro includes an offline mode, allowing users to use the app and virtual machine environment without an internet connection.
  • Community Support: The app has an active community of users and developers who provide support, share tips and tricks, and develop custom ROMs and mods.
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How to Install

  1. Download the VMOS Pro Mod Apk file from Modymaster.com.
  2. Go to your Android device’s settings and enable the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  3. Go to the file manager, click on downloaded and you can try it with a new experience
  4. When the file is installed, please open it and allow any necessary permissions. Once the virtual machine environment is set up, you can install and run apps.
  5. Note: It’s essential to download VMOS Pro Mod Apk from a trusted source. You can download it easily from the current page. Additionally, the app installation process may vary depending on your Android device and version.

Device Requirements

  1. Operating System: VMOS Pro is designed to work with Android devices running Android 5.1 Lollipop or later versions.
  2. Storage Space: The app requires a minimum of 32GB of storage space on your device to install and run. This is because the app creates a virtual machine environment that requires a significant amount of storage space.
  3. RAM: The app requires at least 3GB of RAM to run smoothly. It’s recommended to have 4GB or more of RAM for optimal performance.
  4. Processor: The app works best on devices with a high-end processor, such as Snapdragon 660 or higher, or an equivalent processor from another manufacturer.
  5. Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is recommended to download and install the app and use certain features such as app updates and online gaming.
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Comparison Table

FeatureOriginal VersionMod Version
Root AccessAvailableAvailable
App CloningAvailableAvailable
Floating WindowAvailableAvailable
Dual AppsAvailableAvailable
Game HelperAvailableAvailable
File SharingAvailableAvailable
Customizable SettingsAvailableAvailable
One-Click SwitchAvailableAvailable
System BackupAvailableAvailable
Privacy ProtectionAvailableAvailable
App ManagementAvailableAvailable
Offline ModeNot AvailableAvailable
Community SupportLimitedunlimted
CompatibilityWidely CompatibleWidely Compatible, Including Older Android Versions
StabilityStableMore Stable with Custom Tweaks and Optimizations


Can I use VMOS Pro Mod Apk to play games?

Yes, VMOS Pro includes a game helper feature that can optimize your virtual machine for gaming, providing you with

Can I use VMOS Pro Mod Apk offline?

While VMOS Pro does offer some offline functionality, it’s important to note that it requires an internet connection to function properly.

Is VMOS Pro Apk safe to use?

yes it is completely safe for any user.

Is VMOS Pro Free to Use?

Off-course it is free to use for everyone.

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Final Words

VMOS Pro Mod Apk is an app that allows to Android user to run virtual machines on their devices. This enables them to access apps that may not be supported on their devices, among other features like app cloning and system backup. Such as compatibility issues with older Android versions, remains a useful tool for both casual and advanced users seeking virtualization capabilities on their Android devices.


  1. “I was a bit hesitant to download VMOS Pro at first, but I’m so glad I did. The app has completely transformed my Android device, giving me access to apps that were previously unavailable or unsupported. The customization options are endless, and the app runs smoothly and efficiently.” – TechGeek123
  2. “I was skeptical of VMOS Pro at first, but after using it for a few weeks, I can confidently say that it’s a must-have app for any Android user. The virtual machine environment is stable and reliable, and the app offers a wide range of features and customization options. Highly recommended!” – Kneel104.

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