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App NameZombie Catcher Mod Apk
PublisherDeca Games
Size80 MB
Latest Versionv1.31.2
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Are you Feeling bored? It’s time to start zombie hunting! Take out the zombies! Have fun while making money! Zombie Catchers for iphone is a zombie-infested action-adventure game! The zombies have taken over the planet. But we have good news: Two interplanetary businessmen, A.J. and Bud, have decided to operate a store in our world. They intend to capture all zombies on Earth for the sake of everyone’s safety and their own profit.

Zombie Catchers for mod apk unlimited plutonium and money download

Track and catch zombies with various gadgets, harpoons, Jetpack, Net gun, Tranquilizer, Harpoon model 2, Zombie Trap, tesla Gun, Freezer gun, and traps. Then earn profit from them in your super-secret underground kitchen. The cartoon aesthetics of the arcade game Zombie Catchers cleverly contrast with the ludicrous environment, where robots communicate, zombies transform into sandwiches and smoothies, and A.J. and MUD dutifully earn money cooking for flying dogs and the entrepreneurial elderly.

 The universe of this Game quickly draws the eye and intrigues with its distinctive presentation, intricacy, and business atmosphere. After all, ten bucks may turn into a million dollars here, and any enterprise can make the player rich. There is no need to wait to play this game as in other games. There is no such thing in this Game. The technical beauty of this Game is that it is free from all these confusions.

Additional information about the Game

  •  Name: zombie catchers
  •  Release Date: May 05, 2020,
  •  Updated On: December 30, 2022
  •  Price: Free
  • App Version: 1.31.4
  • File Size: 144.48 MB 
  • Device Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
  • Requires iOS: 10.0 and up•
  • Interactive Elements: In-App Purchases
  • App Languages: English
  • Game Center Supports: Yes
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Specifications of Game

The interface and control system are in sequence. The control is simple, with only a few buttons, yet everything is clear and straightforward. The controls for movement are on the left, and the buttons for firing and changing equipment are on the right. On top of that, current passage data, open achievements, and other facts convert the present race into a clear business that may bring money and renown rather than a blind battle.

Modified Features

  1. Unlimited coins
  2. Unlimited Guns, traps, and other gadgets
  3. Unlimited Plutonium
  4. Unlock Costumes
  5. Zombies can’t see you
  6. More speed

Reviews of Game

Here You can read what others are saying about our fantastic and entertaining Game.

“I love this Game very much. This is full of excitement, and it is gratifying. I like the jetpack as it’s a nifty gadget.” Henry Gamer

“The graphics in this game have a natural feel to us, the options are quite fluid, and the increasing difficulty in each level binds the player with this game.” Tom Chris Pro player

“It is, indeed, a tremendously exciting game. However, capturing mother zombies might be difficult at Each level.” Laura Gamer

Personal Experience

When I played this Game the first time, it was a little difficult for me to pass the level and catch the zombies, but when I unlocked all the guns, costumes, gadgets, and traps, It became a piece of cake for me, I realized it had become effortless to play by using all these features.

Zombie Catchers apk


  • Use your rifle and cunning traps to take out zombies.
  • Unlock thrilling new hunting gear, including nets, weaponry, firearms, traps, and jetpacks, to aid you in your zombie-catching mission.
  • Make delicious drinks, sweets, and unique treats from your zombies’ blood and bones and sell them to hungry humans in your business.
  • Create a food company empire by creating delectable new dishes and modernizing your manufacturing lines to maximize profits.
  • Explore new areas and capture unusual zombies to turn into profitable culinary goods!
  • Send your drone army throughout the planet to locate fantastic zombies to capture.
  • Bring out Mother Zombies and use your flying spaceship’s harpoon to catch them.
  • Improve your skills and make great captures to increase the hunting rankings and earn more plutonium and distinctive clothes for your character.
  • Manage and expand your very own underground laboratory.
  • Completing interesting daily tasks will earn you great rewards.
  • Play without an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Zombie Catchers cost, and how can I order/purchase it?

It is totally free. Because the software has already been launched, you may get it directly from the store.

When it is banned in our country. If we use VPN, is it legal?

Utilizing software (Zombie Catchers) that is illegal here in your country is entirely illegal. However, you can gain access for specific purposes, such as canceling an account or obtaining your coins from this app. You can gain access by using a VPN from another country. We

Which is the better VPN if we want to use it?

If you want to access this Game with a VPN for whatever reason, you can try one of the VPNs listed below. These are very excellent VPN services used by millions of customers worldwide. They are also easy to use, provide extensive support and security, and are faster.



What is the most recent Zombie Catchers version, and when was it released?

Yes, of course, it is the latest version of this Game. It was released on May 05, 2020, and downloading file size is 114 MB.


Downloading this modified version, you can enjoy all the unlimited features, coins, gadgets, and plutonium. And everything is free here.

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