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Download Zombie Catchers: Hunt & sell on PC [Window 7,8,10]

zombie catcher mod apk
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App NameZombie Catcher hunt and sell Mod Apk
PublisherDeca Games
Size80.7 MB
Latest Versionv1.31.2
Mod infoMod Unlimited Money

If you want to play a game, your hands should not be constrained to the phone’s tiny screen. Using a keyboard and mouse, you can play like a pro and smoothly control your game. Let us offer you all the specialties you expect in this game of zombie catchers hunt and sell. Download and enjoy your game. There are no battery or mobile data restrictions, and you can play your game for as long as possible. The beautiful preset keymapping system, created with our experience, transforms it into an actual PC game.

 Zombie Catchers apk

How to Download and Install Zombie Catchers on PC 

We have three (3) most straightforward methods to install this game on a PC:

You can Install this game on a PC by using BlueStacks App Player.

You can Install it on a PC by using Nox App Player.

Install Windows 11 on your PC.

1. Install zombie catchers on a PC using bluestacks

You can use BlueStacks, an Android App Player, to run Android applications on a computer.

  • Install bluestacks in pc
  • Launch it on your pc
  • Click on the My Apps button on your PC
  • Search there for zombie catchers 
  • Just install it.
  • Login to your Google account to download your apps from Google Play on Bluestacks
  • The installation process will be initiated after logging in.

2. Install on a PC by using Nox

  • Install Nox app player on your PC
  • Nox is an Android emulator, after installing run Nox on your PC, and log in to your Google account
  • Now search for Zombie Catchers
  • Install it on your Nox emulator
  • When the installation is completed, you can enjoy playing it on your PC

3. Install it in window 11

  • Installing the Google play store in Windows 11
  • Login to your Google Account
  • Search for this game
  • Install it and play
Zombie Catchers 2

Conclusion: you can easily play this fantastic game on your PC using these three methods.

Reviews about this game

You can read here what people say about our amazing and full-of-fun game.

“It is an amazing game. Offer a lot of excitement. Its Quality and top-notch provide a great experience and very entertaining gameplay” David Gamer.

“Indeed, it is an incredibly thrilling game. But Capturing Strong zombies could be very challenging Zombies catcher mod apk is an exciting game,” Smasher Gamer.

Is this free and safe to use?

Yes, of course, it is safe to use.

Is this game offline?

This is an offline game; we don’t need an internet connection for this game to play.

How to download this game?

You can download it using Nox player, Bluestacks, or Windows 11.

 Zombie Catchers Download

Features of Zombie catchers hunt and Sell

Traps, Guns, and Gadgets

Harpoon model 1, Jetpack, Net gun, Tranquilizer, Harpoon model 2, Zombie Trap, tesla Gun, and Freezer gun are the main gadgets of Zombie catcher hunt and sell game. These Gadgets help us a lot on various levels. Each Gun has its specification and quality. In the last levels, we have to fight the Mother zombies, which are very strong, and they also attack our character (Alien) to survive, so we have to use all these guns to kill zombies.

Capture zombies and make their Juice 

Zombies were ruling over the world in this game. AJ and Mud, two aliens, visit earth, and zombies attack them. Aliens killed them and tasted their blood. They came to know zombie blood is very delicious. They thought they should start a zombie juice business and sell it to humans.

Since the zombies are already aware of the situation, they will hide. Therefore, to catch them, you must tempt them away from where they are hiding. Of course, playing this game will include more than just catching zombies. Additionally, you need to modernize and enhance your company.

Zombie Catchers: Hunt & sell on PC

Levels and locations

Passing the levels, we explore unique and exciting new places and locations. The next levels have more powerful and more giant zombies hiding in their shelters and caves. The alien cannot catch the zombies while hiding in their burrows.

The zombies come out to eat, and that’s when we can hunt them down as soon as they come out of their burrows, our alien attacks them. And captures them and imprisons them to make delicious Juice.

Play offline

Among the offline games, the Zombie Catcher game is interesting, and the internet does not need to use any of its features. Each new level, filled with humor, introduces you to new dangers and enemies. Go where they make its Juice and sell it to humans for their profit, and the whole process is entirely offline.

Did you Know?

The alien’s friend is a robot trained by its owner that accompanies the alien on hunts or prepares to capture the zombies inside its spaceship. But AJ and MUD’s main goal is not to eat the aliens but to turn them into pure Juice.

Zombie Catchers hack

PROs and CONs


  1. The real top-notch of this game provides a very awesome experience.
  2. The great sound and Realistic visual graphics
  3. It offers inspiring levels step by step.
  4. Players can improve their tools and weapons in the game, expanding their arsenal of zombie-killing possibilities.
  5. The stages and gameplay in this game are exciting and enjoyable like zombie tsunami.


  1. A player may feel boredom by playing the same levels continuously.
  2. We may become frustrated since the game might be difficult at times.

Final Verdict

A player playing a game on a PC can pass all the levels easily and collect more coins, money, gadgets, traps, Guns, and plutonium. Using all these features, you can feel like a pro player at the next level.

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